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The NewsLeecher software, is a highly awarded program for accessing the Usenet. It features a powerful and fully integrated Usenet search service, called SuperSearch, that makes it extremely fast and easy to find the Usenet articles you want.

Fast, Pretty and Efficient

State of the art user interface with support for the latest OS features and many options for tweaking the usability and the interface! Also built-in dynamic theme engine, that makes the NewsLeecher window "snow" in the winter and other (completely optional) funny stuff. All while being ultra fast and responsive.

Latest Final Release

If you are looking for the most stable performance, it is recommended that you download the final release. The final release isn't as new as the beta release, and might not contain just as much functionality, but it has been well tested by a large group of users to ensure better stability.

Latest Final Version : 7.0 Final
Latest Final Date    : 6 Jun. 2016
Latest Final Size    : 4,712 KB

Download Latest Final

Latest Beta Release

If you want to play around with the latest features, you should download the beta release. The beta does not provide the same stability as the final release does, as it still needs thoroughly testing, but it often includes brand new features and changes, not yet available in the final release.

Latest Beta Version  : 8.0 Beta 2
Latest Beta Date     : 19 Sep. 2019
Latest Beta Size     : 5,435 KB

Download Latest Beta
NewsLeecher Version History

SuperSearch Usenet Searching

With the built-in SuperSearch search feature, you can search *all* available binary Usenet groups at once, for specific keywords or keystrings. The SuperSearch engine is state-of-the-art in its speed and ability to perform true wildcard searches plus much more.

SuperLeech Auto Download

From version 6.0 and on, NewsLeecher features a powerful service called "SuperLeech". The new service makes it possible to setup NewsLeecher to download wanted files 100% automatially, minutes after they have been posted to the Usenet.

NZB Files Fully Supported

NewsLeecher was the first Usenet client in the world to support the NZB format. It can create and export NZB files directly from articles in the group view or from SuperSearch results. And it can import NZB files manually and automatically in many different ways, for easy downloading.

No Spyware or Adware

NewsLeecher does *not* contain any spyware or adware that might send personal details over the Internet. In fact, it has been certified as spyware-, adware- and virus-free by one of the largest software sites on the Internet.

September 19, 2019

NewsLeecher V8.0 Beta 2 is now available for download.

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July 29, 2019

Quick NewsLeecher status update:

The SuperSearch service was down for some time yesterday, due to a bug in the SuperSearch frontend software. The bug has now beed fixed, and the search/indexer/deobfuscator service is running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The NewsLeecher forums have been under pretty heavy spam attacks during the last several days. Due to this, we will make some anti-spam updates to the forum software over the next few days, so expect a bit of forum downtime. Hopefully, though, the updates will help prevent these massive amount of spam from hitting the forums in the future. But who knows, the spammers are tricky bastards, so we'll have to wait and see.

NewsLeecher V8.0 Beta 2 is currently being worked on. We are implementing a "Super Search" result search-filter and a files/folders search-filter for the "Explorer" part of NewsLeecher.
We are also looking into an issue concerning the new V8 leeching engine, that occasionally (rarely for most users) causes downloading articles to 'go to sleep' for several seconds/minutes, before waking up again to finished the transfer. We think we know why this happens... Looking into it.

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