Maximum search parameters?

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Maximum search parameters?

Post by MarcelD »

Hi, what is the maximum number of NOT (-words) can be used after the keyword when searching? For example, I have about 45 NOT words after the keyword to try to go back further than 950 days to get more preferred results (3300 is the maximum number of days I 'should' be able to go back). I have in the search field, (keyword -wifi -under -mp3 -flac -killing -happy -cold -profeet -dead -ground -ironman -altitude -scottxxx -m3u -ebook -patter -coffee -terror -panic -cbr -bdrip -bluray -undate -crash -nightmare -britain -dvd01 -apart -before -vectronic -hdtv -hevc -DSC05 -guys -zip -boys -description -epub -freeshare -rhythm -morissette -imposters -cbz -femdom). But it seems the more I add, the less number days I go back (930, 920 days) but it 'should' be increasing.

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Re: Maximum search parameters?

Post by AmigaMan »

Hi MarcelD

if you want to search for a certain period of retention you should uses the Advanced Filtering page, funnel icon next to search box or tap F3 twice to bring up the page below.

advanced-search.png (31.79 KiB) Viewed 3386 times

In the above Advanced Filtering page I am looking for the word motogp with the retention days between 1000 and 2500
Click OK and motogp MinDays:1000 MaxDays:2500 is now entered in to the Supersearch dialog box.

TIP: Don't enter too much information to start with, Newsleecher thankfully remembers what was entered and you can always edit your parameters and search again, Recent Searches will also retain your Advanced Filtering entries and allow you to go back and re-edit them.
All current filters will be cleared once you close Newsleecher.

Unfortunately AFAIK the Advanced Filtering page is only available in Newsleecher v7. However Newsleecher 8 beta can still search with these tags correctly but you will have to manually edit them in notepad and copy/paste them in to the search dialog box.

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Re: Maximum search parameters?

Post by SteveHicks »

By default, Elasticsearch limits the terms query to a maximum of 65,536 terms. You can change this limit using the index. max_terms_count setting. To use the field values of an existing document as search terms, use the terms lookup parameters.
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