V8B2 - Superleech search string error

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V8B2 - Superleech search string error

Post by Cyan »


Thank you for your work on V8 :)
I like the new unscrambled auto-rename destination folder feature when using <subject> tag.

I found two issues in the superLeech interface :
When adding/editing an entry, it's missing the icon to open the "advanced search query builder" window on the right of the Search Query. You can click it, and you see it when you hover the area, but it's missing its icon.

I'm on Win10 if it matters for the GUI building engine.

when you edit an entry in that advance search query builder with a MinMB or MinGB tag already present, the search string is replaced to MinKB until you re-select the proper size. if you are not careful it'll save Kb instead of your previously used size.
If you set both Min and Max, Min is fine and only Max has the issue. it probably affects only the last one on the search string.

I suspect it also uses KB when performing the auto-search, because nothing matches unless I copy the search string from superleech context menu and paste it into SuperSearch interface.
I didn't verify which string is used in the full log, but simple log mode only says "SuperLeech :: No new SuperLeech matches [entry name]"

Oh 3.
The context menu "copy to clipboard" in the log tab doesn't work.

If possible, in the SuperLeech query builder, could you add Min/MaxDays ? like the SuperSearch one.
I can add it manually, but it would be nice to have it here too.
It can seem useless here, but I find it useful to prevent matching old articles if I didn't launch newsleecher for few days. and it would be more consistent with the interface to be the same everywhere.

Thank you as always :)

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