Clarify: Quick Search Refine Box / Super Search Lost Old Results? / Manual Searching

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Clarify: Quick Search Refine Box / Super Search Lost Old Results? / Manual Searching

Post by haldir » Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:20 pm

Hi Everyone,

First, I love this new software and in love with all the new features!

Hopefully some of you on here can help clarify some items about the new beta software. Just updated to the newest beta and I'm unsure on three things:

1. (Using VM Image of windows 7 with NL) No more Search refinement box in the UI?
I am unable to find the box that use to be next to the main Super Search box that would allow you to quickly/instantly refine your Super Search Results. I am aware you can set refinement items in the optional window, but I'm looking for that search refinement box that was apart of the UI. This was a tremendous help and wondering if this is no longer going to be available in the UI as default or even as a optional feature?

2. I have noticed since using the Beta that Super Search is now not including older content in the results. This is not to be mistaken as checking the box that shows previous results for the search, but content that is/was visible in the older software is now not there. Is this a permanent change or is the Super Search still indexing content possibly with this new beta software?

3. I still love to manually search groups for older content that was not obfuscated and still remains relevant even today. I tried to manually update some groups with date range of 3200 days (my server is 3300 days), and I had little to results. Is this part of the new software's scraping, a temporary indexing issue, or how the software will work in the future?

TIA to any help or information on this! :) (Sincerely)

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