V.8 Beta 1 UFR 5 problem workarounds

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V.8 Beta 1 UFR 5 problem workarounds

Post by noblemd » Sun May 26, 2019 6:44 pm

While waiting for a new improved beta release...

The following are suggestions to workaround V8B1 UFR 5 problems (may or may not help you):
Important: ALWAYS force a settings backup before restarting NL (needed if NL will not close - if you end task):

Toolbox - Advanced - Perform Backup

1. Restarting NL after settings backup will usually continue d/l and extraction.

2. Deleting current queued files is necessary when NL displays a message that it cannot create folder/files.
After deleting queued files, perform another settings backup, restart NL and restart previous queued file download.

3. Disregard - Computer memory problem causing the BSODs - reseated - fixed!

I have a high-speed connection (500 Mbps - 56 MB/sec NL d/l speed).


The high d/l speed causes my I7 6700 Windows 10 download computer to BSOD (maybe a heat issue when at 100% proc usage). To alleviate this I set Download - Specify Speed of Internet Connection 500 Mbit/s and Download - Speed Scheduler - highlight all to yellow and set max d/l speed to 80% (40-45 MB/sec).


4. In Settings - Unpacker - Postpone RAR Unpacking While Downloading - CHECKED.


5. In Advanced Tweaks set - Download Pause While Repair & Extract - to FALSE - If set to TRUE - downloads will be disabled.


These precautions and settings help alleviate most of the problems with V8B1-5.

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