SuperSearch Retention shrink?

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SuperSearch Retention shrink?

Post by nunu »

About a week ago, the Supersearch Retention suddenly shrank to about 1860 days (the maximum article age today is about 1863 days). Last week I was able to find a post (about 2200 days old). One day later, I could not find the same post anymore. What happened?

Please reply.

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Re: SuperSearch Retention shrink?

Post by ratboi »

Check the status page, as of 05 October we have new news. Today 'Service Article Retention (is) 2,969.29 Days', but possible to fluctuate. Woo hoo!!

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Re: SuperSearch Retention shrink?

Post by silverbommel »

It is advertised as: World Leading Retention. Close to 3,875 Days, but unfortunately 2200 days is the maximum today.
This is not why I chose Newsleechers Ready To Go plan. When will it be back to normal?
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