Got Gigabit connection and only getting 26MB with newsleecher..why?

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Got Gigabit connection and only getting 26MB with newsleecher..why?

Post by shaolin95 »

So..I just got my Gigabit connection today mainly because I was hoping for super fast newsleecher downloads...yet I am super disappointed that I am just getting 26MB so barely 200Mb. I am using Newsleecher as the host provider as well.
What is going on? My 6 core (with Hyperthreadding) CPU is running at 4.4 but looks like only one CPU is really been used. I tried downloading to my SSD but same speed issue.
How do I fix this?

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Re: Got Gigabit connection and only getting 26MB with newsleecher..why?

Post by doppler »

Any number of reasons to slow down:

1. Are you using a gigabit ethernet port on your computer and gigabit everywhere else ? Just 1 100mb switching hub or connection will bring things down. Even on a gigabit switch hub. Must use large frames too with a switch that support it.

2. Usenet provider got the speed required ?

3. Usenet provider supports high count connections ? It may take 40+ connections to saturate a gigabit line. And at peak times even more. I recently was moved by my internet provider to 200GB connection. I had to changes connections from 10 to 15. 10 just would not saturate the line. My usenet provider even mentioned other users having gigabit connections need as many as 50 to saturate.

Things relate to NL.

1. Download par files first, and set small articles to top of queue. I would also suggest setting size to 10000k also.
2. This won't sound right but it has an big effect. Turn off R&E uncheck it. After all par2 files have downloaded and been checked. So when the estimated sizes all have a number (checked!) uncheck R&E. I have found and proven when R&E has around 200-300+ files to get. It will slowdown the ethernet connection. Not the connection it self, but how NL acknowledges packets and requests new packets.

Please note: Once a sufficient quantity of articles have been downloaded, check R&E, so it can do it's thing. While R&E is working on the new stuff, the connection will not slow down. When R&E catches up to downloading articles uncheck R&E again. You can tell when because the connection will slow down again. Once your magic number is obtained, you can leave R&E checked. Mileage may vary, you will have to figure it out. So many factors it's not funny.

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