NL 8.4 Beta will not register

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NL 8.4 Beta will not register

Post by EskimoBlue »

I decided to upgrade from v7 Final to Beta 8.4 but it will not allow me to register, and it's not extracting either.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I have reinstalled, clean installed and a clean install on another system all with the same issues.


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Re: NL 8.4 Beta will not register

Post by AmigaMan »

Newsleecher has suffered many, many piracy attempts in its past, primarily due to its SuperSearch Engine, unfortunately you seem to have fallen foul of the anti piracy measures within Nwesleacher itself.

find the file "setup.v2.dat" located in the "%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\NewsLeecher\data" folder and delete it, make sure Newsleecher is not running when you do this.'

the strange thing is if you were using V7 Final and that was registered the upgrade to v8 beta should have used the same paths and registration.

I have both version installed on my profile in different folders and have separate "data" folders for each version, as a test I deleted the setup file in v8 then started it to verify it was unregistered then copied the same file from v7 to the v8 data folder and v8 was indeed registered... ergo the setup.v2.dat work with both versions.

if you still have problems with v8 try activating v7 and make a backup of the setup.v2.dat

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Re: NL 8.4 Beta will not register

Post by TheSiege »

Is your News and Log page continuously refreshing too? If so, try following my workaround here: viewtopic.php?p=130322#p130322

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