Reporting problems - BE SPECIFIC

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• If reporting a beta release bug, be sure read the bug reporting guidelines first.
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Reporting problems - BE SPECIFIC

Post by noblemd »

Be specific: The more information you provide about your problem will help the developer create a solution (also see topic below).

As much information as possible.
In the post thread body, provide as much information about your setup and the bug as possible.
• What OS version do you use ?
• What happens when the bug is triggered ?
• What steps did you do to trigger the bug ?
• Can you consistently reproduce the bug ? - That will make it a lot easier to fix!
1. What specific version of Windows are you using (ie. Windows 10 Pro 1903 Build 18936.1000)

To see version in Windows 7,8,10 --> Windows logo key + R (Run), type winver in the Open box, and then select OK.

2. AntiVirus & Firewall Type

(Note to users: Have you checked to make sure your AV/Firewall is not preventing NL from working? It could be why you are having problems.)

3. What is the problem? (▼)

BE SPECIFIC - OS TYPE - Step by step what happens - what doesn't happen - list any steps to correct the problem or workaround.
Example (actual V8B1 problem)

a. Queue tab empty and Unpacker tab empty

b. NZB downloaded from NZB site (NZB files associated with NewsLeecher).

c. Files queued and d/l starts.

d. Download stalls after patial download of first file (64KB par2 about 95% complete) second part has started download (part01.rar 25% complete).

e. Connection windows says "Temporarily paused while decoding downloaded data"
Note: may be something about first file completing d/l while loading second file

Can continue download by...

a. Perform Backup

b. Sometimes "Preparing closedown" message pops up and never seems to go away - End Task to continue.

c. Restart NewsLeecher

d. Download continues and completes extraction properly.

4. Do you use any special (unusual) NL settings or have an unusual computer setup.
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