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Server Pause Button and Virtual Groups in Manager Tab

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:44 am
by scca229
Server Pause Button:
The Connect button in the upper left hand used to have a Pause function that let whatever was happening on the connections complete and then not start another process. This could be downloading an article part, downloading new headers, whatever.

Let's say you had 20 connections all happily processing the Queue and you hit Get New Headers. The headers would take one connection with the rest processing the queue still. If you hit that Pause, the connections would free up as they completed whatever they were doing with most likely the header retrieval being the last one in use (my normal use case and why I'm missing it).

This is also preventing being able to immediately pull an article on demand via double-clicking without having the entire queue processing start up again. This seriously messes usability.

Virtual Groups in Manager Tab:
How do I get the Group List to only show my subscribed groups and in the Virtual Groups again? Has all of the functionality of that tab been moved to the Browse Groups one and I might as well hide it?

Re: Server Pause Button and Virtual Groups in Manager Tab

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:04 pm
by tinus
Adding to that a feature request. When something is added to the queue, the par's are auto-paused. When manually selecting pause, and later selecting resume again, all items are unpaused, including all the par files. One would expected that when choosing resume, the par files would remain on pause. Only a manually select with unpause or a auto-repair should unpause par files.

Re: Server Pause Button and Virtual Groups in Manager Tab

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:58 pm
by noblemd
Creating and adding to a Virtual Group is as easy as going to the Browse Groups tab - Group Properties...


then type the name of an existing Virtual Group or the name of a new Virtual Group and click OK - the group will be added to the existing Virtual Group or the new Virtual Group will be created with the newly subscribed group inside.



You can also drag-n-drop the newly subscribed group into an existing Virtual Group or change a group's current Virtual Group by drag-n-drop to another existing Virtual Group.


Re: Server Pause Button and Virtual Groups in Manager Tab

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:29 am
by scca229
Creating a Virtual Group wasn't the problem I stated. The problem is that those Virtual Groups, and any other groups that aren't in a Virtual Group, used to be shown on the Manager tab. Now that tab seems to only show the Entire Group List with a Subscribed column. The Manager tab is where I used to select a single Group or a Virtual Group and do the right-click and Update Groups | Selected: Get New Headers. That function seems to have been moved to the Browse tab and not available in the Manager tab at this time, unless there is a setting that I haven't found yet.

Does that explain it better? I have Virtual Groups already, but cannot see them in the Manager tab like in Version 7 and ALL previous versions that had Virtual Groups. They look to be relegated to the Browse tab only now. If that is the going forward, I can deal with it as that is the least of the usability issues I have with 8b1.

The Pause ability on the Connect/Online button has also been present in Newsleecher in ALL versions that I have used prior to this 8b1 one and I've been using the app for MUCH longer than I would like to admit. I would very much like it back as it is annoying as hell to now double-click an article to get the small file (NFO more often than not, but not nearly always) and have to then wait until it opens in the external program before going back to Newsleecher and then turning off queue processing again.

The interface text change is welcome and looks great on my 4K monitors. Next big update would be a 64-bit app that doesn't crash because it wants ALL the memory (I have 64G on this machine) and can't use what it wants crashing extremely ungracefully (haven't had that yet on this 8b1, but extremely common in 7, although I do still have slowdowns when it gets near the 2G wall).

Re: Server Pause Button and Virtual Groups in Manager Tab

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:55 am
by noblemd
I'm sure the purpose is not to have duplication of tasks.

Everything you could do in the Manager tab (pertaining to Groups & Virtual Groups) has been available in the Browse Groups tab (or equivalent tab in recent versions 4,5,6,7). Groups & Virtual groups are shown in the Browse Groups. All necessary Group/Virtual Group functions can be performed in the Browse Groups tab.

The Browse Groups tab panel on the left side shows the subscribed Newgroups list. The Uncategorized category (at the top of the list) contains new subscribed groups that can be drag-n-dropped to any of your current Virtual groups or put in a new Virtual Group by simply entering a new Virtual Group name in the group's properties window.

There is no need to duplicate display of Groups & Virtual Groups in the Manager tab.

Having Groups & Virtual Groups in both areas unnecessarily complicates coding.

A more organized and efficient interface yields less code and faster/easier program loading/operation.
(...I do still have slowdowns when it gets near the 2G wall).
Downloading a 46GB 2160p file on my download computer (I7-6700 16GB Memory) Newsleecher V8B1 never used more than about 150 MB memory and 55% CPU usage. In contrast, as I type this message Google Chrome is currently using 1000 to 2500+ MB memory and .2% to 15% CPU (10 tabs - sites open). The NL CPU/Memory usage noted is average when my NL is downloading. My connection = 500 Mbit/sec (approx 54 MB/sec download speed - 20 connections), which is probably the maximum utilization that is currently being employed by anyone.

Mechanical Hard Drive speed is more of a "slow-down" factor than CPU/Memory usage.

I am now using an SSD for temp and data files, but I still use a mechanical HDD for download folder and a 5 disk 40TB RAID 5 (32TB) for extraction. Update: Switched to an SSD for d/l folder - had no pauses (waiting for disk) during d/l and extraction was as fast as possible to the RAID over Gig network (see below).

Captured during NewsLeecher 46GB 2160p download (almost a maximum reading - NL V8B1 using 3-5% memory only)...

NewsLeecher NOT running...

I agree, though, a 64bit version is needed.