NL7B14 system slow down when downloading

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NL7B14 system slow down when downloading

Post by leyton1 »

Since upgrading from (possibly b12) I sometimes get a complete computer slow down when downloading. The mouse becomes minimally responsive and makes the computer virtually unusable.

I have an i7 with 6GB of RAM + SSD and have never had any past issues with slow down on any other version of NL (been using since at least v5).
CPU usage is high on a single core but overall low for newsleecher, the problem stops if I pause the queue. It happens the majority of the time but not always. I have noticed it since at least b13 and it still happens on b14.

Any ideas on what is causing this or a fix?

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Re: NL7B14 system slow down when downloading

Post by scuba »

Sounds really strange - haven't heard about it before.
Best thing would be to do a clean install of NewsLeecher and see if it runs fine. You should do a backup first so you can get all stuff back afterwards.

1. Close Newsleecher
2. Please do a backup of the Newsleecher folder in %appdata%. ( how to find appdata folder: )
After you have copied the folder to another location rename the current Newsleecher folder in %appdata% to OldNewsleecherFolder.
3. Make sure you run Beta 14 - otherwise install it.
4. Open Newsleecher. Setup server settings and register it - try to download and do the same as you did before to see if the computer gets unusable.

If it does the same - also as a test - disable all antivirus/local firewall. Be careful and make sure the stuff you download/open is "safe" when doing this.

Get back to us afterwards. Best thing would be to submit a support ticket from here:

Send us an update on this and make sure you inform us with a link to this post. We will handle it urgently!

Scuba - NewsLeecher Support Team
The forum is only for NewsLeecher application issues.

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Re: NL7B14 system slow down when downloading

Post by #1tech »


I know that if you are using a VPN service to logon to Newsleecher all downloads "WILL" slooow down a lot.
I have a 75mbps service here. Using Newsleecher without the VPN service I get almost the full 75mbps downloads
directly from my U.S. internet provider (NOT A GOOD IDEA ) they see every thing you do!
I have tried the VPN services from GigaNews, IPVanish and Private Internet Access and they all really slow the
downloads well below 15mbps at lot. I also always use VPN servers in Europe with strong encryption
(for safety reasons) and that also slows things down even more. That is due to the their encryption of the downloads
then the time it takes to decode the encrypted files at my end. Keep that in mind.
I hope that helps.

#1tech :D

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Re: NL7B14 system slow down when downloading

Post by doppler »

Try turning off RnE. If things speed up there you go. Later on you can re-enable it. I have that problem with connection download rate bouncing all around when too many RnE items are queued and downloading. Disable/enable speeds things up.

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Re: NL7B14 system slow down when downloading

Post by leyton1 »

Thanks for the replies -

scuba - I have reinstalled a clean version of NL with no improvement

#1tech - not sure what in my post indicated it was slow download speed (or VPN) - it is a "complete computer slowdown" with a "minimally responsive mouse".

doppler - thanks for the suggestion, shame I have to manually enable/reenable things. Maybe there should be an option for reducing the performance of RnE to not affect other processes. Speed is not that important for me, even half speed would still get things done quick enough. I do like the better way the new versions find matching files though, one of the reasons I have not downgraded to an earlier version.

I see there is a similar problem in this thread:

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Re: NL7B14 system slow down when downloading

Post by Magsel »

Any update on the subject?

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