NL v7.0b4 - R&E (still) doesn't remove empty folder

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NL v7.0b4 - R&E (still) doesn't remove empty folder

Post by tinus »

From the R&E log:

21:24:30 * Set Deletion Action: [Recyclebin] - Was unable to deleted File Set Files to Recyclebin. (D423c764-611a0b-21d7c6-5616c7)

This is the last step in the cleanup proces. The file(s) have all been extracted into the destination folder that is a folder outside the NL download folder (e.g. downloading goes into D:\NL\Folder (auto-created download-name based folder) and the extracting goes into D:\NL Processed\A Folder (manually changed in the R&E destination option). All files are send to the bin but the folder itself isn't deleted, even when completely empty (sometimes a nzb file or some residual files (like file.1.rar) are left behind in the folder as well.

Maybe this is caused by the fact that the files are labeled differently than the folder? E.g. the files are named "D423c764-611a0b-21d7c6-5616c7.partXYXZ.rar" but the folder where these files are downloaded into has the proper name like "Series Name Season 1 Disc 1 with Subs"

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