Downloads have .r00 - .rXX but no .rar

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Downloads have .r00 - .rXX but no .rar

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So I've been trying to download some older stuff. There will be five to six nzb's for the same file, but with various qualities (1080p, 720p, etc.)

Most fail (DMCA'd), but a couple "succeed."

The "successful" one ends up with Show.r00 - Show.r29

.r00 to .r28 are all exactly 50 MB, and .r29 is smaller (20 MB in this case) as would be normal.

But there's no .rar

There are par files, which completes and verifies 100% with no repair necessary.

This has happened with multiple downloads, so it seems "regular" to me.

So is this some "new" method of trying to thwart the *AA's. Is it a bunch of failed posts by someone?

Are the .rar's held on a forum somewhere, or posted solo to usenet?

What's the story?

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