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Add abiltiy to specify category when exporting to NZB; and mark as exported/read

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:49 pm
by crocolord
It'd be pretty nice if we could specify a category(or even better, pick from a configurable drop down of categories) when exporting to NZB. I've found for various reasons (performance, and only having to maintain automatic filing of things) it's great to use Newsleecher to locate things, but export to NZB, and allow a dedicated download client handle the download. The biggest downside is that since the category property isn't set in the NZB, everything dumps into the default folder.

Also, having items marked as exported(so, visually distinguished from downloaded by Newsleecher) would be great too, but even just having them marked as read/downloaded when exported would be a large improvement.