Extract corrupt download Queue as CSV file or straight text file

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Extract corrupt download Queue as CSV file or straight text file

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Every so often the download queue can get corrupt. If this happens and the queue contains a lot of entries then this can be a real pain to resolve. Attempts to export the download queue to a NZB will probably fail and most of the time once the reported entry is deleted the next entry will then be corrupt. In these situations the entire download queue has to be deleted and you have to start over again. Newsleecher knows about all the entries in the download queue because it displays them but there is no way to get at this information. It would be good if there could be an option to export the download queue i.e. subject, poster, group to a CSV or text file. This could then be used to work out what needs to be added to the queue after it has been cleared down. For now the only solution I have is to take a series of screen shots from NewsLeecher, clear down and then refer to the screenshots to add everything back.

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Re: Extract corrupt download Queue as CSV file or straight text file

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I support this idea. I would like to save the queue/Extract list for ... just save it to search in it for example.. there can be many different purposes.

I tested programs like "GetWindowText" or "SysExporter" to grab the list out of the applications cache, but they don't work with NL.

About the corrupted queue: I read through many forum threads and found myself with the following solution to avoid corrupted queues:
To avoid a corrupt queue strictly follow these rules:

- Do not add any articles to the queue while downloading.
- Do not change articles in the queue while downloading.

Before starting to leech, make sure you added all articles you want to leech to the queue, fill it before downloading and manage the destination folders and such. After that, start leeching. Add new articles after all others have finished. Add new articles only to an empty queue.

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