Feature requests

If you got suggestions for new features or feature changes in NewsLeecher, go ahead and let santa know.
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Feature requests

Post by huskygeek »

Long time user of Newsleecher, love the product.
However, I would like to see the following added/improved:

1. Add a way to specify a password on leech. Add option right-click - leech with password and let me enter a password. The ultimate would be to save the password in SuperLeech so that others who download will automatically get the file. The password manager doesn't work very well for this since each has a separate password and i only use the password once.

2. Issue: when downloading a password protected archive, NewsLeecher tags it as spam and pauses the download. I have the option turned off for spam detection but it still pauses the file. I always have to right-click and resume the item to get it to download.

3. At some point in the past, the superleech broke the headers and some files can't be downloaded. They can be downloaded in the group itself but i have to download all the headers back to 400 days. I wish it were possible to search in the group itself using just header search, I know it would take a while but it beats downloading every header.

4. Issue: if I run out of disk space during extraction, the status says so but there is no way to resume the extraction once I free up space

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Re: Feature requests

Post by psypher »

I'd would definitely like an easier way to get a password entered than having to click a tab and then 2 buttons.

1. Add Button in main Tool Bar
2. Keyboard Short-Cut
3. Right click option

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