Damaged archives

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Damaged archives

Post by franklopes »

Lately after deleting all parts of a post and all PAR files that go with it, I run the PAR
file with no problems, but when I try to unpack the the main RAR file, I get this message:

"The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you.

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Re: Damaged archives

Post by AmigaMan »

before deleting any par2 files try to manually recover the rar archive with either QuickPar or MultiPar then if it verifies OK use WinRar to unpack it, if however QuickPar or MultiPar reports the archive is 100% OK and WinRar reports an error during the extraction there could be couple of things going on, either the rar file was damaged before the Par2 parity set was made (you may still be in luck if the rar archive has a recovery set embedded see: ghacks.net ) or it is not a rar archive, in this case you could open the file in a hex editor and look for the File Signatures also known as Magic Numbers or Magic Bytes look in the ISO 8859-1 column for a clue as to what the file is.


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