Any other providers out there with their own search engine?

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Any other providers out there with their own search engine?

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Been using Newsleecher for quite a long time. They're not the cheapest, but they give me something that I more or less can't live without: Their own search engine, with enough flexibility that I can do pretty much any search I want. They even somewhat aol mail login recently started including their own deobfuscation, which is nice, because I don't subscribe to any nzb categorizing service and never found one that would categorize stuff I cared about anyway.

Here's the problem, though. Until about two weeks ago, their retention was about as good as one could hope. Something between 3500 and 4000 days. Now it's just shy of 1500. Which is bad.

I should mention that this service not infrequently has issues. The search engine will go down for a day or two, every couple of months. And every three months or so, it will provide only about 500 days of its retention, and that lasts several days before sorting itself out. There's never any mention of these circumstances on their website, so I suppose people are meant to shrug and just eat it. I've also had my trouble tickets on this issue generally ignored.

But this 1500 days thing has been going on for weeks now. It seems as though the good retention won't be coming back.

So. I'm in the market for a replacement. But as I said, Newsleecher was, so far as I knew, unique in that it provided its own search. That a search, mind -- literally checking the entire blockchain for whatever text I've plugged in. Which of course differs from searching for categorized nzbs of uploads, which obviously will miss basically the vast majority of Usenet.

Is there anything else like it out there? Any suggestions?

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