unknown setupclassentry bug after reinstall of newsleecher.

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unknown setupclassentry bug after reinstall of newsleecher.

Postby Noir » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:13 am

Hello, I recently installed windows 10 and installed newsleecher 7 and it was working just fine but decided to change directory so i uninstalled from w10 uninstall/install panel and reinstalled in the correct folder and now every time i launch it I get spammed by dozens of box telling me unknown setupclassentry <<> please report to author, after I close all of them newsleecher finally launch but this is super annoying since it happens again at every launch. I have tried uninstalling newsleecher and installing it back to the default directory but this bug still happens. Anyone knows how to fix this please?

Here is what the box looks like

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