Newsleecher Replacement?

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Newsleecher Replacement?

Post by newerein »

I have a SABnzbd and Sickbeard setup that has been running great for a couple of years now and would not trade it for anything. I am going to give NZBget and Sonarr a go as I have heard good things.

That said I cannot completely give up my old Usenet habits for whatever reasons. Some groups are not indexed some are not indexed often on binsearch. I like to go into groups and read text threads. I like to open up previews. You could do this with Newsexpress,Xnews,and Newsleecher. With Newsleecher you can right click on files and have them open up in there respective programs without having to save it to a folder first. It would just go into a temp folder. I like to save all headers.I just re-installed my os and forgot to copy my 9~gigs of headers over walmartone. Newleecher was very fast at loading old headers and you could just type in the search bar to filter through years worth of headers. For some reason sometimes SAbnzbd won't work with some downloads. It also slows to a crawl sometimes and I can put the NZB in Newsleecher and download at full throttle.

I have grown to dislike Newsleecher because of its new(ish) licensing scheme. The fact it calls home to verify your license every single time you launch it. Sometimes this would take minutes or longer or not at all. I know there is a post on their site that says I can upgrade the old way because I joined them a long time ago. But I cannot tell for certain if the license will expire after 1 year or if I can continue to use it for several years before upgrading or even if it will be aloud.

I tried several programs a few years ago. Cannot remember which ones exactly. Right now I have Newsbin Pro installed and really want to like it but it is just not as easy on my eyes as Newsleecher is and I cannot find a way to open up previews or text threads. Does anyone know of a program that does what Newsleecher can do? I have spent the better part of 2 days trying to find something and am at a loss. Sorry for the long post but this is a serious first world problem for me.
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