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NewsLeecher 5.2 Beta 1

Post by jantje2 »

Error message:Cannot install file corupted or infected by virus.

What to do? :oops: :(

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Post by tvgeloof »

Re-download. You just got a bad copy of the file.
I had no issues whatsoever.

You may want to re-consider going to 5.2beta 1 though. It has a major issue with the R&E tab. (See bug reports forum).
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Post by jantje2 »

Thanks for the info

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Post by ArKay »

Betas don't seem to get any pre-release testing at all? Where do we download the previous beta? Due to the fact that they all have the same filename it was overwritten.

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Post by Shalom2010 »

Best Regards

Steven...Chigwell, Essex

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Post by spartacus »

The extract tab displays Manager features.!

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Post by TifKag »

spartacus wrote:The extract tab displays Manager features.!
Resolved in 5.2 Beta 2

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