Supersearch only finds nzb files

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Supersearch only finds nzb files

Post by Ankott » Fri Jul 22, 2005 7:51 am

When I use the Supersearch feature to find a posting, I only get the nzb file and not the rar- and parity files.
Of course I can use the NZB, but if there's no nzb file present, I can't find the posting at all.
This happens only the last few days, as far as I know I didn't change any settings.
I find this problem while searching in "General".
Please tell me what's wrong, because I can't find the postings which don't have an NZB now.



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Post by Smudge » Fri Jul 22, 2005 8:07 am

By chance do you have "nzb" in the result filter? This would limit your results to only show nzb files.

In case i'm not understanding your problem completely, try doing a Super Search for "Fine" in the General group of at least 2 days then post a screen capture. You can use to upload the image then post the yousendit download link here or use a free image hosting site like

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Post by Ankott » Fri Jul 22, 2005 9:07 am

No, I don't use a filter for nzb files. I have looked through all the settings in the "options" menu but I can't find anything

I now see that I can get binaries that are older than 7 days. If I try "DJP-TOON" in General I get binaries for everything posted a week ago, but for the last post, that is "DJP-TOON_1980_D1" I only get the nzb. I am really sure that there must be binaries for that with this post.
I hope I made it clear for you now?

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Post by pdg57b » Fri Jul 22, 2005 9:36 am

I experience the same problem since yesterday.
Fresh posts cannot be found by ss in a.b.x but de nzb file in a.b.ftd is shown right away.
A couple of days ago there was no such problem...

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