Has the V8 beta died?

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Has the V8 beta died?

Post by Antonin »

The most recent beta (as posted on this site) came out before Christmas. Please feel free to check the date. Here we are now enjoying summer temperatures. I would suggest that it is reasonable to assume that there will be no further versions of that beta being released, and that further work on it has stopped. While I'm sure someone will pipe in and say that this is not true, I've always put more credence in actions / inactions rather than words.

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Re: Has the V8 beta died?

Post by joopbestevader »

I don't mind ...... I'm still fine with NL7

unfortunately since Version 8 Beta 3 there is some kind of filtering going on which makes this so far very fine tool useless for me

but, why the rush, what do you expect from the next beta ? they ain't magicians. if these days usenet is just decoy, clog and passworded posts why blame the NL programers ?

there is no easy way around those obstacles, if at all, you still have to do some part of the work :-)

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Re: Has the V8 beta died?

Post by Antonin »

I agree that NL7 is fine, and I still use it. I'm not in a rush, but it's about communication, commitment and follow-through. The minute that these guys started to receive our hard-earned money, they changed from being amateurs to professionals. My expectation of a professional is very different from an amateur. Having said that, if they only have the capacity to put out two betas a year, or if they are on an enforced sabbatical for a while, THEN TELL US! COMMUNICATE WITH US! MANAGE OUR EXPECTATIONS!

Bottom line, the existing beta has been out there since December. A beta implies that you are actively doing software development. If that has changed, why not TELL US? Why keep us in the dark? If this is the end of the road for the NL8 beta, why not let us know. The NL crew has never been strong or consistent in communication. It is very sad.

I agree that something quirky is continuing to happen in newsgroups these days. I don't expect the NL crew to be magicians, but I do hope that they are looking for ways to inject more value into their product. That is what ongoing software development is about, and it is a world that I've been part of for decades.

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Re: Has the V8 beta died?

Post by AmigaMan »

Dead... nah, but I do think people have the wrong idea about this program, from what I can see its only one person coding newsleecher Spiral and I suspect he's busy with real-life this time of year, either that or he's hit a wall, that's happened on a number of occasions over the versions (years)

Depending on how you use NL; version 7 works very well albeit let down by the amount of deobuscation (unscrambled) results and as for searching for a specific poster its just a lottery with v8 making it even harder by removing the Advanced Filtering boxes (less is NOT more) you certainly wont be able to find the Dead^Man upscale of Babylon 5 Remastering Project in any NL version... shame really there are so many holes in the retention, SuperSearch was the best part of NL back in v3.xx this was when we used to get a partial refund for SS gong down.

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Re: Has the V8 beta died? - Don't think so...

Post by noblemd »

I'm having a fantastic time using the improved features of Version 8 Beta 5 UFR 2.

But, also waiting for the next refined beta release that will get rid of the occasional errors that occur.

New versions of programs should always improve on current features, add enhancements, and NEVER reduce functionality.

Accept and adapt to new versions of the program. Make constructive suggestions. Stagnant brained, crotchety people whimper and complain.

Don't fear change, Great things happen when you embrace the future.
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Re: Has the V8 beta died?

Post by Mibbler »

I have V7 and several of the V8 Betas installed so that I can run the one I want. So far I've seen only one improvement over V7 but it's a big one: the ability to properly rename unscrambled files. I usually use Beta 3 because later ones try to save files to a directory named after the entire subject line, which often contains illegal characters, rather than the filename. Another misfeature is the elimination of files with unrecognizable extensions that the NL programmers assume are spam. Some are spam but others are just obfuscated in ways the programmers don't understand. So if I want to do a time consuming super-obfuscated file hunt, I go back to V7.

Users should at least be able to to turn that "feature" off. But even better, they should be able to define their own criteria for what to download or avoid. For instance, I want to download headers only from a certain poster who uses the same name but multiple domains all containing the same word (clue: he is something of a homebody). But I don't want headers for files close to 774 KB or any incomplete files (a few of his posts might really be incomplete but most are spam).

One archaic feature I hope they never remove is the option to store the subject line of a downloaded post in a descript.ion file (Advanced Tweaks: Download Descript.ion File Enabled). One part of the obfuscation method is that a downloaded file's name is still gibberish but different from the gibberish in the header. So if you want to relocate the file in the headers you need its description. I'd like to see more added to the descript.ion file, such as the date and time of the post. BTW, I've used descript.ion files ever since I started using JP Software's 4DOS back in the DOS days.
Del Mibbler

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