Configuration got rolled back some how?

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Configuration got rolled back some how?

Post by crocolord »

I'm super confused right now. I was on 7.0 Final, and I didn't think anything of it, but I had a system crash from a resource exhaustion problem yesterday. I rebooted the machine, but didn't restart NL right away. When I started it this morning, I realized after a few minutes that my Newsleecher has reverted to a super old configuration. It's got default folder paths that I haven't used literally in years. I don't have any idea where it got this old config from. I'm trying to figure out how it happened and if I can get back to what should be my normal current configuration.

Oh, I forgot to mention...I didn't really realize what it was telling me with this either: when I first started it up, it was telling me my license was expired. It was odd, but I didn't notice right away anything was wrong until I logged back in and went into NL. What really tipped me off initially there was something wrong was I realized Superleech was configured super old, and enabled, as I hadn't been using it in quite a long time. It seems to have some how found an old config file, but I can't find one that is current anymore. I'm starting to suspect that maybe the file got corrupted or something and NL went back to the newest old one it could find?


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Re: Configuration got rolled back some how?

Post by Mibbler »

It sounds like when you ran NL after the crash, it couldn't find your configuration files so it created default ones in the default location, as though you were running it for the first time. That could happen for several reasons. The default location (for Win 10, anyway) is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NewsLeecher. If you logged in as a different user, it would set you up as a new user of NL.

If you have redirected NL's Data and Temp folders to a new location according to How-To's and FAQ's Section > HowTo: Use an alternate location for the settings and temp directories, NL will use the same settings for all users. But if the newsleecher.ini file you create for that and save to the NL program directory gets deleted or corrupted, NL will again set you up as a new user in the default location. BTW, if you follow that HowTo posting, use the second post, which is for NL 4.0 and later.
Del Mibbler

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