SuperLeech - Quick Tutorial

SuperLeech is SuperSearch add-on service, used for automatic searching and downloading.
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SuperLeech - Quick Tutorial

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What is SuperLeech ?
SuperLeech is an add-on service to the SuperSearch search service.

It allows one to setup search queries that will automatically find and leech wanted articles, almost as soon as they have been posted to the Usenet.

Brand new service
Note that SuperLeech is a brand NewsLeecher new service. We are constantly working on improving it and fixing any bugs we discover.

Available SuperLeech Modes

Currently, SuperLeech can be setup in 3 different "Match Modes".

"Match All" Mode
This is the most basic mode. Using this mode, SuperLeech will leech *everything* matching the specified search query. This mode should only be used, if you search for very specific subjects, or you will end up having the SuperLeech service leeching way too many articles.

"Match Once" Mode
Using this mode, SuperLeech will leech the first matching article ( or article collection ), that gets posted to the Usenet, after the SuperLeech entry has been activated. When a match has occurred, the SuperLeech service will make sure that no further articles are matched.

"Match Episodes" Mode
This mode has been implemented for users, who are interested in series episodes. It can be used to automatically download new episodes for wanted series, almost as soon as they get posted to the Usenet.

Say you are interested in a podcast series called "My favorite podcast series". To automatically download new episodes of the series, when they become available, simply setup a SuperLeech entry with the search query set to My favorite podcast series and the match mode set to "Match Episodes".

SuperLeech will then detect and leech the new episodes, almost as soon as they get posted to the Usenet. Furthermore, SuperLeech will make sure that already leeched episodes are not leeched again, to avoid wasted bandwidth.

Note that the "Match Episodes" match mode, is using certain standard season and episode specific sub strings in the article subjects (S##E##, ##x## and more) to detect episodes properly, so those sub strings must be present for the mode to function. In most cases, though, that should not be a problem, as the majority of posted episode related articles will have that info included, as standard.

Usage Hints

HD Video Modes
If you have setup SuperLeech to search for a video podcast called My Video Podcast and want to make sure that SuperLeech only matches HD versions of the video podcast, change the search query to My Video Podcast 720p OR 1080p OR 1080i.

edit : Since NewsLeecher Version 6.5 Beta 5 it is much easier to specify wanted video quality modes. It can easily be setup from the SuperLeech setup dialog inside NewsLeecher via standard checkboxes.

Improve Accuracy with Keywords
If you have setup SuperLeech to search for a podcast called My Favorite Podcast and you know that the posters name always contains a specific word, say PodcastPoster, you can improve matching accuracy by setting up the SuperLeech search query to My Favorite Podcast Poster:PodcastPoster.

SuperLeech Query Syntax
The queries that you can use to setup SuperLeech search entries, are exactly the same as the queries you can use with SuperSearch ( since SuperLeecher uses the SuperSearch service to perform matches ). Read more about the query syntax here. It is a powerful syntax, that is very easy to use. Works a lot like the syntax used by Google(tm).

Prevent Spam / Fake Articles

SuperLeech works together with the spam / fake article detection feature in NewsLeecer. If a spam / fake article, matched by SuperLeech, is detected during downloading, NewsLeecher tells SuperLeech to ignore the article and look for another match. Spam / Fake article detection can be enabled from inside NewsLeecher at : Settings -> Download -> Spam Detection.

If you experience that NewsLeecher is downloading spam / fake articles without detecting it as such, please let us know.

Additional Information

If you are looking for help, or have any questions / comments regarding SuperLeech, please check the SuperLeech forum.
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