speed throttling issue in v3.9 beta 2 - ssl vs non-ssl

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speed throttling issue in v3.9 beta 2 - ssl vs non-ssl

Post by kscott » Sun Apr 15, 2007 11:15 pm

Strange issue I've been having with speed throttling in v3.9 beta 2:

I have one usenetserver setup as non-SSL with 4 connections. I have another usenetserver setup via SSL with 4 more connections.

If I throttle the speed down, the SSL connections drop to almost nothing while the non-SSL connections act normally (they do throttle down, but nowhere near as much as the non-SSL).

Example, I have 3mb connection. If no throttling enabled - bandwidth is distributed evenly across all 8 connections maximizing full 3mb bandwidth.
If I drop throttle to 1.5mb, the SSL connections drop to about 50kb each, while the non-SSLs are getting 300-400kb each. If i turn off throttling, everything goes back to evenly distributed.

It's almost like the non-SSL connections are given priority or something under throttling??


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