v8b4 CONSTANT application error pop-ups

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v8b4 CONSTANT application error pop-ups

Post by nurbles »

I keep getting this application error popup:

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Bug ID:

Bug Data #2:
Item not found
If I click OK, it goes away and immediately returns. After a couple hundred attempts to make it go away, I started this post and while I was typing, NL exited (while the pop-up was displayed.)

I may have added too many things to the download queue (around 2400) but just adding the first couple appears to have broken NL somehow, because nothing was ever downloaded. This error started when I tried to select all of the messages to remove them so I could start over. But I think I'm stuck now. And with NL exiting on its own a few minutes as I start it, this is intolerable.

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Re: v8b4 CONSTANT application error pop-ups

Post by Antonin »

I'm having the same issue with V7

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