Search availability not going beyond 1500 days

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Search availability not going beyond 1500 days

Post by slobster »

Getting concerned that I can't search and then report any retentions past 1490 days, only within the interface.
Is it just me?
One of the main reasons for choosing this service was search retention

The file is on the server but has to be sought from an alternative source as an nzb
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Re: Search availability not going beyond 1500 days

Post by Shalom2010 »

Newsbin is already over 3,500 days (in fact most searches produce 4,000+ days). NL used to have amazing retention for searching, but after a server crash a few years ago, they never seemed to have recovered. They did say recently that this would change...hopefully in 2020, but the longer they take the less users they will have.
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