v8b4 UFR 4 - New Folders System - Useful and Powerful

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v8b4 UFR 4 - New Folders System - Useful and Powerful

Post by noblemd »

Now that the filters and varable modifiers are working, this new folder system is proving to be very useful.

v8b4 UFR 4: https://www.newsleecher.com/nl80004.ufr4.exe

One suggestion (and 2 requests): Change the Unpack to Subfolder from default to NOT DEFAULT or make this user-changeable to be NOT DEFAULT with a setting.

Old SuperLeech, Multi-Group, and SuperSearch folder choices need to be reimplmented in some form.

<Group> selections need to support OR arguments.

Some of my Fileset Query Matches (Now have about 15 entries):

I recode 1080p h264 videos to archive as x265 HEVC so I direct them to my working RAID Drive (F:) into a date subfolder, (x265 reduces the file size from 2 to 4+ GB down to 300 to 400 MB for archiving with no significant quality loss). Previously, I redirected the unpacking folder by changing it manually - using the entry below, NL now redirects unpacking of these files automatically:

Fileset Query Match..........................................Unpack Folder
.1080p.AMZN.WEB or .1080p.web or 1080p.hdtv -------F:\CNV\TV\<Date>\

This entry unpacks EBooks to my NAS EBooks / current date folder:
.epub or .mobi or .azw -------------------------------------\\TM5\T5.EBooks\<Date>\

And.. If the Ebook is RAR'd or other file type this entry redirects the unpacking folder for those files:
Group:ebook-------------------------------------------------- \\TM5\T5.EBooks\<Date>\
Group:e-book------------------------------------------------- \\TM5\T5.EBooks\<Date>\

This entry unpacks FLAC music files from any Group with "flac" in its title to my NAS Music folder FLAC / current date folder:
Group:flac----------------------------------------------------- \\TM5\T5.Music\-FLAC\< Date >\

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Re: v8b4 UFR 4 - New Folders System - Useful and Powerful

Post by Argonaute »

I agree with you, the old unpack options must be selectable by users.
All my downloads stay unmanaged aswell.

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