Will these features be in V8?

If you got suggestions for new features or feature changes in NewsLeecher, go ahead and let santa know.
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Will these features be in V8?

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Absence of these features will probably keep me from renewing my license.

1: Truncate download paths to specific amount of characters rather than full article titles. (come on!)
2: Server-side filters in supersearch. Not just post-search filtering, actual server-side filters.

I've been asking for these for YEARS.

Why not just finally open-source this garbage? You'd free yourself to do whatever else it is you're doing that results in the time between features and fixes. The quality of the product would be greatly increased. You could still manage the approval of code submissions, you'd just get help from other people, possibly people with better ideas and skills than you. I'm not the best at what I do and take help when it's offered. Try some humility and stop making this program suffer for it.

It'd still be a benefit to pay for supersearch and NNTP access. Your income for client-only subs can't possibly be more than RTG subs.

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