Why am I an eternal optimist? A users thoughts!

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Why am I an eternal optimist? A users thoughts!

Post by slobster »

I am really struggling to understand why I am paying for this service.
Been Using Ready To Go for more years as I care to remember, diligently giving my money to for a service which has not been of the highest standard.

Newsleecher as an application is now severely lacking features which a plethora of free source software now offer. I seem to now be reliant on other software moreso than Newsleecher

Supersearch, I have no idea how these are indexed, but other nzb file sites appear to be streets ahead of newsleechers ability.

I was then using newsleecher for getting old releases, however, Supersearch has been broken for so long it still fails to not pull binaries from over 1600 days. So again I am relying getting the nzb from another source and importing manually, as the binary retention is there, just not accessible via the supersearch

This question I continually ask myself is "Why am I still here?", as per my subject I am an eternal optimist, hoping the Spiril et al pull their fingers out and get on with it.

I am now at the point instead of the silence, intermixed with sporadic activity, just be honest and say the service is fecked, we have been deceiving you all and we are shutting it down or offer a reduced service which we can maintain.

Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Why am I an eternal optimist? A users thoughts!

Post by Antonin »

I agree with these sentiments. The irony is that without much effort, Spiril, Scuba et al could have kept NL functional and relevant without boiling the ocean (which V8 appears to be). There are definitely some new functions that were needed, but they likely could have been added to the existing app without the need for a major rewrite. It feels like the aforementioned people have just walked away. There has not been an openly published version of the beta this year! To me, that speaks volumes.

As far as Supersearch is concerned, it has always felt like this service ran on a single machine under someone's desk. Again, this could be so much better with some expertise and attention. Instead, we seem to be dealing with a service that is being ignored and is held together with bailing twine and paper clips.

But, what saddens me more than anything is the constant radio silence that we're seeing from these guys. Like many of you, I've used NL for more than a decade. There was a time when the app was being actively supported and this was a very active forum. In the absence of any communication from the NL team, it is easy and appropriate to assume that they have lost interest. Again, ironic because many of us have experience that could be leveraged (I'm a system architect and former developer).

I wish I was wrong, but I'm inclined to believe that this app and the SuperSearch service are either slowly dying or already dead. While there are likely some who will disagree, I would suggest that actions speak far louder than words. Then the real question becomes, why should we continue to support the NL team when through their inaction, the have shown us that they don't care?

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Re: Why am I an eternal optimist? A users thoughts!

Post by Blakeyrat »

I started using NL a very long time ago and what has happened is just sad. Completely neglected and abandoned. The last "final" release was NL 7 -- more than 4 years ago (June 2016).

And what have we got since then? 4 crappy beta releases of NL 8. The last one, NL 8 beta 4, was released 9 months ago.

Serious question: WTF are these people doing? They obviously aren't working on NL. And they obviously aren't working on SuperSearch either-- it has been broken and mostly useless for a very long time.

NL used to be the best. Now, it's just sad.

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Re: Why am I an eternal optimist? A users thoughts!

Post by Vongalin »

Same thoughts here. I have been a NL subscriber for countless years, close to 10 I would think by now. Service was always fantastic, forums were active and NL is (and even on v7 which I use) IMO the best reader out there. The usenet access for me has always been there, even when their site and/or SuperSearch is down, so that's a good thing; however, the price for even that is too high compared to other providers.

This month I replaced NL w/a Labor Day Lifetime Deal from Newshosting for $1.67 per month, add NZBGeek for $1 per month, setup SABNZB and you have a complete NL + usenet access + SuperSearch replacement. NH newsreader isn't NL, but for my non-NZB downloads it works. I've also read that you can tie a NZBGeek search (via API) into the NH newsreader to get SuperSearch-like results, but haven't figured that out yet.

To keep customers or have us come back, NL would need to lower their price, update their software, update the indexer and prove to us that SS can stay up and running for more that 3 days at a time. The indexer is missing so much, old and new.

My account is set to expire this month and won't be re-activated. NL used to be the king as their all-in-one setup/package was top notch, now, not so much (sadly).

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Re: Why am I an eternal optimist? A users thoughts!

Post by cheezhed »

Alas I feel all of this. Been using Newsleecher since the beginning and have faithfully continued a subscription. What are my alternatives?

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Re: Why am I an eternal optimist? A users thoughts!

Post by slobster »

and I thought it was just myself!
I suppose in a way the service is false advertising, as long as a steady drip of new subscribers and the reluctance of the masses to leave makes for a business model!
Its the convenience I like about the system, which saddens me at the lack of going forward as it could be the best like it once was.

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