Pausing at 95%

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Pausing at 95%

Post by ringgold99 »

why the f does newsleecher get somewhere around 95% and then automatically pause the download. I can get it started again by right clicking and hitting the pause/resume and then doing it again. But this is a pain in the a. What is going on here? Does anyone else have this problem and if so, is NL working on it or have they abandoned us?????

Edit....this is really getting to be a f problem.

Newsleecer 4.0 final
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Post by Smudge »

Please check the log tab for more info when this happens. It should say why it is pausing the download.
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Services Status Page : SuperSearch and Usenet Access server status, retention, server load, indexing time, etc.
Support Request Form : Use this if you have a problem with billing or account status. The forum is only for NewsLeecher application issues.

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Pausing at 95%

Post by Reds Rule »

I also am having the same problem. Can't find any obvious cause.
More to the point can it be fixed?

NewsLeecher 5.0 beta 1
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