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Selecting downloads based on server completion ratios

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:51 am
by Andre
I use two usenet severs, my local ISP (which is nice and fast and generally not too bad for completion) and set to a lower priority is AstraWeb (paid) just for fills.

Recently my local ISP has been missing a number of entire posts which are present on AstraWeb (I'm guessing censorship, but whatever the reason) so I normally just search manually for alternate versions of the file on my local ISP first, before resorting to using up my paid allowance from AstraWeb.

Is there any way that SuperLeech can be set up to mimic this operation - i.e. if more than a certain percentage of the articles in a download are not present on the primary server, search for alternate versions before reverting to downloading from the secondary server? (It would still need to be able to call on the secondary server for fills though)