Bug Reporting Guidelines

Found a bug in NewsLeecher? Post a bug report here. Please describe how to reproduce the bug.
• Be sure to read the bug reporting guidelines before posting.
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Bug Reporting Guidelines

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When reporting a bug, please follow these simple guidelines :

Guideline 1. - Search first.
First of all, use the search feature to make sure the bug hasn't already been reported.

Guideline 2. - One bug per thread.
Only report a single bug per thread. If you have discovered several bugs, make a separate thread for each of the bugs.

Guideline 3. - Precise thread subject.
Make the thread subject in the following format : "Full Version Info" - "Short Descriptive Headline".
So if you, as an example, have found out that NewsLeecher V5.1 Beta 6 crashes when fetching a list of Usenet groups, make the thread subject look something like : V5.1 Beta 6 - Crash when fetching group list

Guideline 4. - As much information as possible.
In the post thread body, provide as much information about your setup and the bug as possible.
• What OS version do you use ?
• What happens when the bug is triggered ?
• What steps did you do to trigger the bug ?
• Can you consistently reproduce the bug ? - That will make it a lot easier to fix!