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SuperSearch Usage Guide

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What is SuperSearch:

SuperSearch is a usenet search engine service, that works from inside NewsLeecher.
The search service automatically indexes most of the contents posted to the usenet and makes it fast and easy for users to find and download contents without browsing any usenet groups.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How should I search, if I, for example, want pictures of the Mercedes SLK car?
A: Select the 'General' search category, and enter mercedes slk into the searchbox.
SuperSearch uses full word-wildcard searching, and will return hits for all usenet picture entries containing the word 'mercedes' *and* the word 'slk'.

This includes:

* Hit: Mercedes Slk
* Hit: SLK mercedes
* Hit: MercedesSLK
* Hit: SLKMercedes
* Hit: Here is a picture of my Mercedes 500 SLK...
* Hit: laksdjfMErCEdessdfsSlkDSFA
etc ...

Q: What if I want to search for Mercedes *except* the SLK model?
A: To exclude keyword, such as 'SLK', using the minus ( - ) character.

* Like: Mercedes -SLK

Q: What if I want to search for the *exact* string "Mercede SLK"?
A: To make an exact string search, use the quote " character.

* Like: "Mercedes SLK"

Q: What if I want to search certain group?
A: You can use the group: option for this.

* Like: Mercedes group:pictures

This will search for articles with mercedes in the subject line in all groups with the word pictures in the group name.

Note: This will not override the category, so searching for pictures in the general category will not give you results from the picture category.

Q: What if I want to search for posts from a certain poster?
A: You can use the poster: option for this.

* Like: Mercedes poster:mercfan

This will search for articles with mercedes in the subject line posted by someone with mercfan in their name.

Q: How can I search a specific range of days?
A: To set the minimum article age for returned articles, you can now use the new "MinDays" property. The max age can be set using the new "MaxDays" property, or by using the usual days dropdown menu in NewsLeecher.

Example Search : Mercedes minDays:10 maxDays:40
The above example will return all articles posted between 10 and 40 days ago, matching the *mercedes* keyword.

Q: How can I search a specific file size range?
A: You can use the minKB: and maxKB: properties. This will search for files of specific sizes in kilobytes

Example Search : Mercedes minKB:1024 maxKB:12000

SuperSearch Features:

Capitalization :
SuperSearch searches are NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case. For example, searches for mercedes slk, Mercedes SLK, and mErCeDeS sLk will all return the same results.

Automatic and Queries :
By default, SuperSearch only returns hits that include all of your search terms. There is no need to include a plus sign + in front of the terms. Keep in mind that the order in which the terms are typed will NOT affect the search results. To restrict a search further, just include more terms. For example, to search for pictures of Mercedes cars, simply type mercedes .jpg. Remember to select the correct search category before searching.

True Wildcard Searching :
SuperSearch uses true wilcard for the search terms. If you search for ikin abe, SuperSearch will perform a search for *ikin* *abe*, and will match "Babe in Bikini", "Bikini Babe", "AbeInBikini", etc.

Phrase Searching :
Sometimes you'll only want results that include an exact phrase. In this case, simply put quotation marks around your search terms, like "mercedes slk".

Negative Terms :
If you want to exclude a specific work or sentence, you can put a minus sign ( - ) in front of term. By doing this, only hits without the excluded term(s) will show up.

Note: when you include a negative term in your search, be sure to include a space before the minus sign.

Search Examples:

[pre]Input :[/pre] mercedes
Output : All subjects with the word "mercedes" in it.

[pre]Input :[/pre] +mercedes
Output : Same as above.

[pre]Input :[/pre] mercedes slk
Output : All subjects with the word "mercedes" AND the word "slk" in it. The new thing here, is that it's not an "exact string" search, so subjects like "slk model - mercedes.jpg" will also hit on this searchstring.

[pre]Input :[/pre] mercedes -slk
Output : All subjects with the word "mercedes", *not* containing the word "slk".

[pre]Input :[/pre] "mercedes slk"
Output : The quotes mean exact string matching. Just like the old SuperSearch did it.

Note: An unlimited number of boolean expressions and syntax expressions can be used in each searchstring.
So a searchstring like this is possible : mercedes slk -.bmp "carshow 2006" group:pictures poster:jpgPoster