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by firefox1
Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:29 pm
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Download Errors
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Re: Download Errors

I'm having the same issue, on new uploads, I get these errors repeatedly in the log: 6:19:06 PM Renaming downloading article part# 1 of ".part01.rar"" from server "". 6:19:06 PM * Old name: "kPcbVdox" - New name: "K11h_Om82kYfjSwKNako8mvw2czL". 6:19:06 PM * Server response: "=ybe...
by firefox1
Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:15 am
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Shutdown option?
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Shutdown option?

Was wondering if there's an option to have Newsleecher shutdown the computer (Windows 10 OS) after it's finished it's workload queue?

This would be handy for overnight type jobs.