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The NewsLeecher software, is a highly awarded program for accessing the Usenet. It features a powerful and fully integrated Usenet search service, called SuperSearch, that makes it extremely fast and easy to find the Usenet articles you want.

Powerful Download Automation

Feat. ImageFrom V6 and on, NewsLeecher features a poweful function called "SuperLeech". The new function makes it possible to setup NewsLeecher to download wanted articles 100% automatially, minutes after they have been posted to the Usenet.

World Class Usenet Searching

Feat. ImageWith the built-in SuperSearch feature, you can search *all* the binary usenet groups at once, for a specific keyword or keystring, in less than a second! The SuperSearch engine is state-of-the-art in it's speed and it's ability to perform true wildcard searches!

No Spyware or Adware

Feat. ImageNewsLeecher does *not* contain any spyware or adware that might send personal details over the Internet. In fact, it has been certified as spyware-, adware- and virus-free by one of the largest software sites on the Internet.

NZB Files Fully Supported

Feat. ImageNewsLeecher was the first Usenet software application to support the NZB format. It can create and export NZB files directly from articles in the group view or from SuperSearch results. And it can import NZB files manually and automatically in many different ways, for easy downloading.

Fast, Pretty and Efficient

Feat. ImageState of the art user interface with support for the latest OS features and many options for tweaking the usability and the interface! Also built-in dynamic theme engine, that makes the NewsLeecher window "snow" in the winter and other (completely optional) funny stuff. All while being ultra fast and responsive.

Based on Successful Experience

Feat. ImageIt is no secret that the development of NewsLeecher was initially inspired by some of the existing newsreaders on the market. We have tried to take the best features of those readers and mixed them together to make the ultimate newsreader available for our users!

Unlimited Usenet Access

Unlimited Usenet Access
Combine the NewsLeecher software with integrated search functionality plus the unlimited NewsLeecher Usenet access service, and you have the ultimate "Ready To Go" package, which is all you need for the best possible Usenet experience.

Unlimited Usenet Leeching

With our Usenet service, you can download as much as you like without being restricted by any download limits. We are also never limiting download speeds, for any reason.

Secure and Private

We take privacy seriously. Strong 256-Bit SSL Usenet encryption is included free of charge for max privacy protection. Moreover the encryption will also help against traffic shaping.

European and U.S. Servers

To keep your Usenet download speed as fast as possible, we minimize the distance betwen you and our servers by having Usenet server parks in both Europe and U.S..

2,850 Days of Retention

Our Usenet service has one of the absolute highest group retention numbers in the world. Retention in the binary Usenet groups is almost 2,850 days, and retention in the text groups is almost 4,625 days.

Latest Technology

We support the latest state-of-the-art Usenet server extensions, including native article header compression - a feature that improves Usenet group updating speeds substantially.

"Ready To Go" Package

Our Usenet service works with any Usenet client. But through our "Ready To Go" package offer, you get the very best Usenet experience by combining our Usenet access service with our Usenet client.
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Jan 15, 2016

Just a quick note to let you know that the SuperSearch / SuperLeech service might be down for shorter periods over the next 24 hours time, while we are testing some newly implemented SuperSearch / SuperLeech user features. The downtimes will be few and shouldn't last longer than 10-15 minutes though ( edit : ok downtime might be a bit longer than 15 minutes - sorry about that. It takes time to reload 6-7 years of articles retention into the SuperSearch / SueperLeech processing engine. 30 minutes max. ).

Dec 08, 2015

NewsLeecher V7.0 Beta 10 is now available for download.

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